ASPECTA Toolkit (In progress)

This toolkit is being developed as part of my PhD, providing and affordable and simple way to develop and deploy projection systems which provide full-coverage over the entire interior surface of a room.

For more information please see the project's website here

Providing a Touch-Based, Tabletop Interface for the Interaction with Historical Documents

Developed an application for Microsoft PixelSense touch-screen computers which provided a dual-screen interface for the enjoyable exploration of golf-based photographs. As well as hole-based browsing and the ability to place pictures in a slideshow to be shown on the upper screen, this application allows users to take part in a golf quiz.

This software was deployed at the university hosted exhibition "Making The Cut: The Golf Photography of Lawrence Levy" during the summer of 2013.

The software can be seen in action here.

Creating a virtual reconstruction of the Brora Saltpans archaeological dig site.

Funded by the SCAPE Trust I used OpenSim to develop a virtual world which contained an interactive reconstruction of the Brora Saltpans archaeological dig site using point cloud data which was collected during the site's excavation.

A video of this in action can be found here.

EnvironMotes - Environmental Monitoring Sensor Network

Worked as part of a team to develop a system which used TMote Sky sensor nodes to take environmental (temperature, humidity and light) readings from around the Computer Science department and displayed the resultant readings graphically online.


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